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Do drivers get better with age?


It may surprise some to learn that the UK now has more than 190 drivers aged 100 or older and that drivers over 70 now number more than four million. Particularly interesting is the fact that this news is being widely reported as something to celebrate. The jokes and stereotypes that surround older drivers are… Read More

Adoption and struggles faced by parents


Adopting a child in the UK brings many difficulties. Previously mixed race adoption was illegal. In 2012, the UK Government wanted to change the adoption rules and intervene in cases where unfit parents were involved. The Daily Mail reported that the law was to be changed to stop councils blocking mixed-race adoptions as part of… Read More

Towing Operators Guide To Safety

Towing Operators

Operating a tow truck isn’t like operating a regular vehicle. Driving with another car behind you can take some skill, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be very dangerous. You can potentially hurt yourself, your car or the car that you’re towing if you aren’t careful and aware of the safety… Read More

Bar Trends of 2014

Bar Trends

The bar industry is always coming up with new and exciting ideas for their ready-to-party crowds, but it’s often difficult to determine which ones will turn into a popular trend world-wide and which ones will flop. 2014 is expected to be a year of creativity and innovation when it comes to the bar scene. So… Read More

Snow Mold and How to Treat It

Snow Mold

Have you noticed weird looking circles on your lawn following a heavy snowfall or cold temperatures? Do you notice that the circles are odd colors such as pink or gray? We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but you might have a case of snow mold on your hands! What is Snow Mold?… Read More